Lots to Look Forward to!

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I have secured some borrowed internet from the cozy, delicious and vegan-friendly Z’otz cafe on Oak Street and I thought I would take a few minutes to post a bit about the exhibits I want to check out shortly. P.S. I’m pretty sure the locals can spot a yankee from a mile away – I’m the only one outside thinking this weather is warm!

In addition to the NOMA “Lifelike” exhibit I want to see (opening on the 11th), the Ogden Museum of Southern Art has a few exhibits I would like to check out. They have photographs by Shelby Lee Adams and the surreal, yet vintage, works of Jeff Louviere and Vanessa Brown. I recommend a trip through their kitschy website too. I also plan to get out to the Octavia Art Gallery on Magazine for a peak at all they have to offer.

So far, we’ve been unpacking and cleaning and getting situated in our new digs, bugging Cox for some interwebs and figuring out where to hang my extensive poster collection. My main squeeze has had a couple of trumpet gigs and is looking at some other new bands which is super exciting. This weekend will be our first weekend where we can afford some time to hear music, see art and enjoy it not being 45 degrees and I cannot wait!

For those of you wondering, these guys are not hating their new home:

In addition to my awesome freelance gigs and some exciting freelance projects (keep your eyes peeled for an online shop very soon!!!) I will be starting part time doing design and marketing for a super awesome eco-friendly shop here in town. I love working with folks who are tightly aligned with my own greenie philosophies. I’m really excited to share the shop with you next week! The neighborhood does not suck to look at:

View from First and Magazine

In unrelated news, coffee shops are funny places. I’ve never been a coffee shop kind of girl – I’m a ruthless get-in-and-get-out coffee buyer and I really love local beans and my cute green french press at home. But a loud guy has joined me outside on his phone and now I know all about how he is dating his friend’s ex girlfriend and he got a nosering. He is “quite the Don Juan right now” – according to him. I would bet his friend does not think so.

On that note, I’m out to hear some music with my man!