New T-Shirt Design for Storyville Contest!


Hi everyone! I’ve submitted another design for a Storyville Apparel contest that I hope is a winner! I would truly appreciate your votes! If you have time (and like it!), click through here or click the picture below and then hit the facebook “like” button on the Storyville website next to my design.

second line rain or shine

Here’s a little information about the umbrellas and what they have to do with music: they are traditionally carried at jazz funerals and second line parades in New Orleans – historically for sun shade, but also as incredibly decorative festival symbols. Second line parades are impromptu musical processions (though many are now planned on Sundays around town) where marching brass bands meet in the streets and neighborhood folks follow them, dancing. It’s a sight to be seen and super fun. I recommend YouTube-ing “second line New Orleans”and checking it out. This blog is also very informative. If you’re in New Orleans, keep your eyes peeled for a brass band coming down the street and don’t be afraid to follow!


Sunday Design Tidbits of Fun

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Thank you to all who voted for my shirt designs at Storyville Apparel! I got the designs in before the voting ended, though I thought I had a few more hours of voting. But to those that tried and couldn’t, I thank you for your effort and support as well! I will find out tomorrow morning at the Storyville blog whether or not I won. Even if I didn’t, Storyville has some very cool items for you to check out!

I read the other day on Steven Heller’s Print Magazine blog that there is a new book about one of my favorite typographer/designers coming out soon! Long past due, this new book at Herb Lubalin will be out in August, and I cannot wait. Pre-order here.

Shepard Fairey is on the move again, with a new mural up in Paris called “Rise Above Rebel.” Check it out at Street Art News! And in other Shepard Fairey news, the VMFA in Richmond currently has one on view. The link is a little unclear as to whether it’s a new acquisition or is on loan, so you better check it out sooner than later just to be safe!

Yesterday I took a trip out to Culpeper, Virginia to see the property my dad has recently acquired. On the way home I stopped into Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park to see some of the National Park Service wayside panels I designed about 10 years ago! From what I understand, it took them about 6 years to produce and finally install the pieces, but that’s still no excuse for waiting so long to see them in person.

And my husband ordered himself some new business cards that he designed himself this week! I’m either rubbing off on them or he’s been holding out his design skillz on me – I love them!

And my last little tid bit of design news for the day is that the Music Box musical architecture experience in New Orleans has seen it’s last big events before they will disassemble and begin work on a permanent structure. Check their blog in the next few days for sound and video clips of the work and talks – they are fantastic about uploading parts of all the amazing events that have taken place. I’m sure they will update the weekend’s events as well. But for now, they have plenty of interesting clips to keep you busy.