Ryan McGinley’s Advice for Young Artists

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Or any artists, really. This is solid advice, y’all.

“Be busy. Seek and find a way to do what it is you want to do. Identify what that thing is and do it. Don’t stand around too long having conversations about it. Do it. Refine it. Do it more. Try it a different way. Keep at it until you break through to the next level. Don’t talk or think yourself out of doing it. Put one foot in front of the other and let it happen organically.”

Read/watch Ryan McGinley’s Advice for Young Artists on VICE.

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Photo from VICE, copyright Ryan McGinley.



Weekend 10 Photographs

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This time of year in New Orleans is absolutely perfect, in my book! Lovely sunny days mixed with the occasional downpour. Not too hot, no more cold nights and abundant flowers and beautiful gardens backed with white puffy clouds and blue skies. In full disclosure, this post is also for the #Weekend10 giveaway by Maile Wilson for an Epiphanie Bag, but I thought I’d share these quick shots with y’all so you can be jealous of the incredible spring we’re having down here! I’d also like to shout out to Hansen’s Sno-Bliz and Peche for the sno-ball and cocktail (and congrats to you both on your well-deserved 2014 James Beard Awards!), respectively, and to Bacchanal for the wine and beautiful courtyard.













Loudoun County Virginia Photo Shoot

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This past Sunday I was part of the subject matter for a photo shoot with my husband, mom and her manfriend. We followed the extremely talented Steve Whysall around the booming metropolis of Bluemont, Virginia, hiking through a light snow wherever he directed, because, well, when Steve says “jump” you jump. I have to admit, I generally like to be on the “taking” end of the camera rather than the subject end, but it turned out to be really fun following someone else’s vision around for the afternoon.

Steve is a big personality, an alum of both the Corcoran and National Geographic, spending several years traveling the world photographing amazing and inspiring sights, landing back in sleepy little Bluemont with his lovely wife and extra hands, Paula. We visited some often overlooked spots nearby for the shoot and it made me look a little harder at my surroundings to see what beauty and intrigue I might be missing. I grew up in and near Bluemont, so it’s easy for me to write off a lot of the sights that haven’t changed much since my childhood. I really enjoyed getting a new perspective on my hometown.

Below are some photos I took while we were out, but you should really be visiting Steve’s website and checking out his work. If you’re in the Northern Virginia, West Virginia, metro DC/Maryland area, and getting married/having babies/wanting a great photo of your dog,  you should definitely look into his work. It’s a breath of fresh air in a town that likes to stick to their very traditional Loudoun County names as far as photographers go. Steve’s not entirely new to the area and has a pool of great ideas for locations, capturing subjects with a more modern and artistic eye than many portrait photographers I’ve seen lately. And let me tell you, as a 30 year old woman, I have seen a lot of cookie-cutter wedding photos in my day. Steve does not disappoint.