Summer Art and Design Out West

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So rumor has it I’m headed to San Francisco for a work trip next month, and I am excited to get a little time with my favorite Modern Commissary duo from Oakland while I’m there! I am planning to sneak out and get a little time with some art while I’m in the neighborhood. My picks are below, but I’m sure the MC team will have some more local perspective on what to see while I’m in town!

SFMOMA is hosting exhibitions on Josef Albers/Paul Klee, Buckminster Fuller and Parra, all of which I want to see. If you’re not familiar with Parra, I suggest you visit his website. He’s an amazing and bold illustrator from Amsterdam. I want to go there and find his show posters to steal.

Image from Parra’s website

And frankly, if you aren’t familiar with Josef Albers, you had better get familiar. He’s one of my favorites, so I’m biased. He was a brilliant color theorist and authored a (THE) series of color theory books, which have been fairly recently remastered and re-released. There’s also a 2012 book about the man himself, which I have not yet read, but have heard good things about.

The De Young will be hosting a Chuck Close exhibition I wouldn’t mind seeing. And hopefully I can catch the Man Ray/Lee Miller exhibition and Marcel Duchamp at the Legion of Honor, since they open while I’m there.

Happy travels!