Sunday Design Tidbits of Fun

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Thank you to all who voted for my shirt designs at Storyville Apparel! I got the designs in before the voting ended, though I thought I had a few more hours of voting. But to those that tried and couldn’t, I thank you for your effort and support as well! I will find out tomorrow morning at the Storyville blog whether or not I won. Even if I didn’t, Storyville has some very cool items for you to check out!

I read the other day on Steven Heller’s Print Magazine blog that there is a new book about one of my favorite typographer/designers coming out soon! Long past due, this new book at Herb Lubalin will be out in August, and I cannot wait. Pre-order here.

Shepard Fairey is on the move again, with a new mural up in Paris called “Rise Above Rebel.” Check it out at Street Art News! And in other Shepard Fairey news, the VMFA in Richmond currently has one on view. The link is a little unclear as to whether it’s a new acquisition or is on loan, so you better check it out sooner than later just to be safe!

Yesterday I took a trip out to Culpeper, Virginia to see the property my dad has recently acquired. On the way home I stopped into Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park to see some of the National Park Service wayside panels I designed about 10 years ago! From what I understand, it took them about 6 years to produce and finally install the pieces, but that’s still no excuse for waiting so long to see them in person.

And my husband ordered himself some new business cards that he designed himself this week! I’m either rubbing off on them or he’s been holding out his design skillz on me – I love them!

And my last little tid bit of design news for the day is that the Music Box musical architecture experience in New Orleans has seen it’s last big events before they will disassemble and begin work on a permanent structure. Check their blog in the next few days for sound and video clips of the work and talks – they are fantastic about uploading parts of all the amazing events that have taken place. I’m sure they will update the weekend’s events as well. But for now, they have plenty of interesting clips to keep you busy.

Art and Design Spec Work Debate: What is Obama Thinking?

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The 2012 Obama Campaign has launched a contest for a new poster that speaks to re-election and the president’s “job plan.” Artists are super irritated, since the winner will relinquish rights to the material and will not be compensated. What does lack of payment for services rendered say about the “job plan” on the whole?? I particularly enjoy Shepard Fairey’s bit at the end of the article ab0ut how his idea with the “hope” poster was that ideally Obama would repay him with solid reform in the White House. This time around, I’m thinking artists are not as hopeful. Read at the Huffington Post.

Welcome to Fried Green Design, We’re Happy You’re Here!

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Hello! I’m Emily Frock, a graphic designer and marketer. I’m thrilled you’re visiting Fried Green Design, my new project aiming to tie my love of graphic design and marketing with my love of everything else in the world – gardening, theater, yoga, food, art, travel, parties, wine, and so much more. I believe that design should be accessible and available to everyone – not brought out like the fancy china for special occasions. Design is a part of your life every day.

But, what is design? Design is the creation of art or a mark, with a purpose. Design is a creative solution to a problem.

So, why Fried Green Design? Well, simple – a solution to a problem. Many of you may not know that I’m a Southern transplant. Sure, I grew up south of the Mason-Dixon line, but only by about an hour, and in the horse-country area of Loudoun County, Virginia. Upon moving to Richmond, Virginia to attend college at VCU School of the Arts, I learned that I was, for all intents and purposes, a “yankee.” I had no southern accent, no fried chicken livers in my childhood and no personal ties to any dead Confederate soldiers. I didn’t even know what a butter bean was, much less, how to boil one. Now to get to the point: many people don’t know it, but the Fried Green Tomato is an undercover Southern transplant as well. The FGT was a solution to the problem of the abundance of green tomatoes leftover from the shorter growing season in the Northeast USA, but it was likely made popular as a “Southern” treat by the Fanny Flagg book of the same name. Southerners generally get a longer season of ripe tomatoes, but the sheer abundance allows for harvesting some of them green, and thus popularizing the FGT down South. Another creative way to use up all those summer tomatoes. Everyone wins! (Read more on this vitally important FGT research here.)

So, what’s so great about Richmond? In addition to your new fried green tomato trivia, you may also not know that Richmond is a major city for great design. Richmond has one of the best design schools around (#4!) and the #1 best public design school in the country. Every year, the City is flooded with graduates, many of whom stick around to set up shop in this growing area. We are an easy drive or train/plane ride from DC, New York, Baltimore, Boston and Atlanta. We have a huge industry of banking and finance, medical specialties, farming, tourisim, historical venues and higher education. The Richmond metro area has become a leader in the locavore movement, with urban farms and farmers markets making their way across the City and suburbs. With all this industry and a booming local art and music scene, there is no lack of inspiration in Richmond.

I’m really excited to introduce this project to you all! I hope that I can provide a solution to your design problems and questions. Check back for my regular blog posts, to include inspirational people, places, objects, music, art, you name it. I’ll be posting my work and soon will have this linked up with my portfolio and website. Thanks for stopping by!

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