Graphic Design Portfolio

Melissa Brugh Photography Logo Design: Work with Fried Green Design

Project: Design a logo for the implementation of the company’s rebranding.

Solution: Using elements inspired by a camera lens and the owner’s love of elephants we decided to go with the “elephant’s memory” theme, as photography is a form of memory keeping. I stuck to muted versions of bold colors to set the photographer apart from traditional logos in her field.

Melissa Brugh Photography logo design

Melissa Brugh Photo graphic design for logo

melissa brugh website with logo


Design Manifesto: Senior Studio at VCU
Tell the tale of what design is to you.
Solution: I created a 3D print piece with all original photography to add an element of interaction with my text and graphic design. 

VCU School of the Arts design manifesto

Communication Design VCU design manifesto


The Humidors Funk/Soul Band Logo: Logo design, freelance project
Project: Design a logo to reflect the eclectic fun/soul sounds of the Oakland-based band. The band wanted a theme that had the feel of a vintage cigar label.
Solution: The first step in building The Humidors brand, I studied different recurring elements of vintage cigar labels to apply the feel in a unique way to this custom label. I simplified many elements so that the name of the band would stand out beyond all the detail. Subsequent phases of The Humidors project will include packaging and working with a web designer.

the humidors band logo design


Mechanicsville Mill Logo: Logo design, freelance project
Project: Design a gender neutral logo for the blog and website to promote events around the town of Mechanicsville, Virginia. The color scheme and overall feel was to work with the existing “Mechanicsville Mamas” logo and design.
Solution: Mechanicsville is a town steeped in Civil War and Native American history with a growing population of people from all backgrounds. I wanted the logo to feel earthy and a little vintage, but with a touch of modern flair and simplicity. I chose to edit out the details of the town’s iconic Mill to give the very basics and send a message that this is the site where you will find very clear information on the happenings around Mechanicsville.

graphic design for mechanicsville mill virginia


RVA Big Band: Logo design, freelance project
Project: Design a logo for the RVA Big Band, a large and traditional ensemble with a younger following.
Solution: I incorporated elements reminiscent of the era from which the big band style of music comes and paired that with the Richmond, Virginia skyline, as RVA is the popular nickname for the city.

graphic design for the rva big band

graphic design for the rva big band


Echo Ridge Farm: Logo design, freelance project
Project: Design a logo for the farm and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. The client requested something eye-catching, yet traditional and elegant.
Solution: My illustration of the three carrots reflects a pattern from the farm’s sister company’s “three trees” logo, while still making this logo an original stand-alone piece. The modern green color jumps, but the text reflects the era from which their historic Virginia farm hails.

logo design for echo ridge farm


Echo Ridge Farm: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) brochure design, freelance project
Project: Design a tri-fold brochure that can be easily updated from year to year. The brochure was distributed to current and potential CSA members.
Solution: Incorporating my original photography, I designed an image-heavy brochure highlighting a large, but important amount of text. I maintained a certain elegance, inviting people to be a part of this special agriculture program with a well-established farm. (Outside of brochure, then inside to follow below)

graphic design for echo ridge farm brochure

graphic design for echo ridge farm brochure


Pamplin Historical Park: Brochure design and map for the Headwaters Trail, work with Riggs Ward Design
Project: Design a brochure and map for the Park that incorporates their specific color scheme and can be used as a base for future brochures.
Solution: I illustrated a map and laid out the brochure, with a numbered guide to sights along the trail. The fonts and colors were chosen by the Park, but they needed a new format that immediately spoke “park brochure” for visitors upon entering the site.

graphic design for pamplin park brochure

graphic design for park map and brochure


Kristin Ford: CD cover design, freelance work

Project: Design CD cover art that reflects the folk-rock singer’s style and personality, incorporating images taken by Shaleigh Comerford.
Solution: Kristin was at a crossroads in her music career, making the switch from mainly folk-style, to mainly rock-style, so I created a piece that was both muted and tonal, yet also contemporary and clean.

album cover graphic design

album cover graphic design for cd

package graphic design for cd album cover


Gravy Flavored Kisses: Poster design, work with Fried Green Design
Project: Poster design for two shows for this New Orleans-based band. The projects focused on the band’s theme of Eve eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.
Solution: I created bold and basic representations of the biblical story of Eve in the garden, using minimal colors and the band’s preferred font. I used a pop of color and color blocks to set the posters apart from other, busier band posters around New Orleans. The posters were printed in two sizes and postcard.

music poster graphic design new orleans

graphic design for band poster new orleans

graphic design for music poster new orleans


Black History Museum: Brown vs. the Board of Education exhibit design, work with Riggs Ward Design
Project: A temporary exhibit highlighting the struggle over Brown vs. the Board of Education. The unique attribute of this exhibit was that we had to create an exhibit that did not mar the walls or disturb the structure of the Museum’s historic space.
Solution: As a part of the design team for this project, I helped with panel design and focused on layout of the thousands of historical pieces and text we had available to showcase. The Museum supplied photographs, text and artifacts that I helped catalogue. Most of the artifacts were paper and photograph, so the historic pieces had to be reproduced and displayed on the free-standing panel structures.

exhibit design richmond va


Haleakala National Park: Safety Wayside Panel sign design, work with the National Park Service
Project: Design safety wayside panels to be erected at the site of two waterfalls notorious for flash flooding in the Park.
Solution: I created very concise signage, highlighting what the user is looking at now and what they might see in flash flood stage. The panel also explains the dangers of being too daring around this body of water. The Park requested that the signs be as easy to locate, identify and read as possible.

sign design national park service

The signs above were chose to use, but I designed alternative options for the Safety Panels as well:

safety panel design for national park


Fort Davis: Brochure design, work for National Park Service
Project: Layout for Fort Davis National Park brochure
Solution: Using the National Park Service graphic standards system, I laid out the extensive information for a new park brochure.

graphic design for national park service

national park service graphic design


Colonial Williamsburg Foundation: Annual donors booklet design, work for Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Project: Design a donors report and booklet promoting tourism in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. The piece was distributed to current and potential donors, highlighting the perks of being a Colonial Williamsburg donor at different levels.
Solution: Using the Foundation’s very traditional style, I created small rows of images in addition to larger photography to highlight as many of the diverse visuals Williamsburg has to offer as possible. The background incorporated Colonial-era vignettes for added depth.

publication graphic design colonial williamsburg

graphic design colonial williamsburg publication


Frock Wedding: Wedding identity and invitation design, freelance work
Project: Brand my wedding
Solution: I wanted to design pieces for my own wedding that reflected both my husband and I, who have very different personal styles. The thing we’ve had in common from the start is music, so I emphasized his being a trumpet player and how that brought us together. I wanted my illustrations and the pieces to speak to the casual and fun vibe our wedding was to have.

branding and wedding invitation design

design and branding for weddings


Speed of Sound Music: Logo and business card design, freelance work
Project: Design a logo and business card for a musician and music educator. The client requested something both modern and vintage-inspired.
Solution: I chose to use a deep neutral color scheme so the clean whites would really stand out. I incorporated deconstructed elements from an old logo that had special meaning to the client, while still bringing the look into a more modern feel that would be easy for him to reproduce.

business card and logo design for speed of sound music

graphic design for speed of sound music logo


Frock Automotive: Logo design, freelance work
Project: Design a logo for a start-up auto rebuilding business.
Solution: Incorporating colors commonly associated with classic American car makers, I created this logo to inspire movement and speak “auto” without suggesting the actual shape of a car.

graphic design for frock automotive logo


Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Millitary Park: Wayside panel sign designs, for National Park Service
Project: Using selected images and text, design a set of wayside panels to be displayed at various sites across the park.
Solution: Using historical photographs and artifacts I had to show what the area looked like before, during and in the aftermath of the Civil War across this large Military Park. I used the graphic standards system that the National Park Service uses for all their materials to design panels that were easy to read and understand, keeping information concise and clear. Photo-retouching and map illustration were included in these layout projects.

fredericksburg battlefield wayside panel graphic design

graphic design for frederickburg battlefield waysides

fredericksburg battlefield wayside panel design


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