Celebrating Museum Day in New Orleans

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Two weekends ago, the Fried Green Mister and I took full advantage of the Smithsonian’s Museum Day Live and visited both the WWII Museum and Longue Vue House and Gardens. If you didn’t get out to any museums for Museum Day this year, I highly recommend marking your calendar for next year! It was pretty crowded, but not totally out of control, and a great way to get a lot of bang for your buck. We did about $75 worth of awesome activities for $10!

In efforts to keep this post from droning on for days, I’ll give you a photo summary of my favorite things from our day:

longue vue house

Longue Vue is a secret den of fantastic modern art in New Orleans. The owner was an avid art collector and there are some unique pieces housed in the sunroom.

longue vue art collection

longue vue modern art

longue vue gardens

longue vue art gallery

longue vue house new orleans

The World War II Museum was incredibly well designed, though I had a hard time finding any information the exhibit designer for the original portion of the museum, Gallagher & Associates seems to be tied to the new Boeing section with the full sized planes. I have always had grand dreams of being an exhibit designer…

wwii museum new orleans


At museums from this period, I’m always taken with unusual propaganda posters. It always seems like there was so much more thought put into the propaganda during WWI and WWII. You just don’t see pieces like these anymore.

wwii museum posters

wwii propaganda posters

wwii museum new orleans posters



Feeling the Art in New Orleans

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This past week has been a whirlwind of things going on! We just had French Quarter Fest in New Orleans, which I was excited to get to since I’ve never been before! A word to the wise: avoid Saturday (and probably Friday) and just hit Thursday and Sunday. The crowds were way less annoying and a more manageable size on Sunday and I was able to enjoy music instead of making a super slow trek from stage to stage. I was most excited that I got to hear the Dixie Cups live – Iko Iko is one of my favorite songs from childhood, long before I even knew New Orleans existed. Props to my parents for introducing me to unusual music as a youth in Northern Virginia!

I’ve been looking for opportunities to get involved in the community, and an opportunity has arisen that seems right up my alley. I had a chance to visit A Studio in the Woods yesterday and learn about the amazing programs they have on this beautiful piece of land out past my house. As a satellite program of Tulane University, they host resident artists during the year and have programs for youth that focus on art and environmental stewardship. Think about donating to this amazing program, or volunteering. They have their annual FORESTival event coming up next month, and I’m planning on volunteering. So, bonus: We’d get to hang out!

Here are just a couple of pictures I snapped at the studio. They are in renovation and clean-up mode, so I didn’t want to go too crazy. Next time…

photo[2] photo


During French Quarter Fest, I took a little time to (finally) visit the Angela King Gallery to check out the Peter Max paintings. Totally worth a trip to the Quarter, y’all. The paintings are the most beautiful, vibrant colors – they almost move. There was a fountain in Central Park scene one I had my eye on…

Peter Max

Central Park painting by Peter Max, image from Angela King Gallery site.

One day when I make my millions…swoon. The gallery also had some beautiful large-scale paintings by Florida-native Richard Currier. Incredibly intense lighting in his work. Check him out.

I’m happy to say my New Orleans baby “congrats” cards are now for sale at ZukaBaby! Stop in and pick up a gift and a card for the pregnant/new mama in your life!

IMG_4900 GreenFleurBalloons

New Orleans Baby Cards and Design Odds and Ends

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Lots of exciting things going on over here in New Orleans – including a brief visit from a couple of my favorite ladies from back home. I’m in the process of getting a bunch of awesome baby products together for a mommy tradeshow in May. I’m super excited to have the cards below for sale at ZukaBaby on Magazine Street very soon!

Print Print

The cards will be available in a couple of different color schemes – for boys and girls, and also gender neutral.

I also just recently finished a new logo for Let It Be Midwifery on the North Shore, here in the New Orleans area. I loved the owner’s idea of tying beauty and water and birth all together for this piece with a little New Orleans fleur de lis to tie it all together.


Outside of working on some exciting projects, I’ve been online-stalking a large-scale light show that is finally up and running. You may have heard of it, but if not, The Bay Lights installation on the East Bay Bridge (between San Francisco and Oakland) went live on March 5. This light installation was created by artist Leo Villareal and will be on view at night for several hours at a time for two years. I hope to make it out west to see for myself!

I had a great excuse to hit up the Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel downtown this past weekend and fell in love with the murals in the dimly-lit vintage bar. My friend Melissa poses in front of one mural below:


The murals in the Roosevelt are commissioned deco/modern pieces by Paul Ninas from 1939. They are incredible (and so are the drinks)!

In other exciting art news, I’m planning to head down to the Angela King Gallery on Royal Street to check out the Peter Max pieces on view this month. I’ll report back after I’ve been! Peter Max is a personal favorite for his incredibly unique and detailed music posters in the 1960s (think Yellow Submarine).

I’ll leave you with an image I love that I snapped after a dinner party recently. I think, by now, you all know I love deviant art and beautiful textures.


Happy 2013 From Fried Green Design!

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We’ve been busy bees here in the last few days of 2012 and the first few of 2013! I hope you all had a fabulous and safe new year with your loved ones! I had two favorite childhood friends and a new friend in town to celebrate with the manfriend and I (lots of friends!) . We had an incredible time and got to hear some great music while ringing in the new year! Now I’m spending some much needed time getting the web store up and running and hope to have my product pricing done today so I can populate the site! I will make the big announcement here as soon as it’s complete.

This past week, my husband played at the fantastic Creative Alliance of New Orleans (CANO) Bal des Artistes. The gathering was a fundraiser and fashion show, complete with several live bands, booze, and delicious local snacks provided by Morning Call at City Park. We had a great time and I can’t wait to see how they top it next year!




everything collective

The Everything Collective shared their amazing costumes with the crowd.


We had a great excuse to wear masks and capes.


scott frock

Scott played with CANO volunteer and brilliant singer Tabitha Pearl.

In other happenings, I spent time with my ladyfriends bumming around town a bit and taking in the festivities. In my comings and goings, I spotted a few pieces I had to document for local inspiration:


street art


I hope you all are as excited about 2013 as I am! If you want to stay super up to date on Fried Green Happenings, I’ve started a facebook page and I’m on twitter. Thanks for all your support and comments in 2012 and I look forward to continuing to send happy design news your way this year!

Lifelike at NOMA Scores Design Nerd Points

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Now that we’re settling in a bit here in New Orleans, I’m feeling a little less lazy and more like I want to get the house in gear and see all the sights around town. This week, my man and I took advantage of the NOMA free Wednesdays.


Having never been there before, I was excited to see the space and the permanent items as well as the Lifelike exhibit on show right now.

noma lifelike

noma lifelike exhibit

The museum is lovely and the grounds are beautiful. Lifelike was not what I expected but in a very pleasing way. There were more photographic, video and 2D pieces than I had anticipated – which were really cool. Not too many readymades, but the craftsmanship in the sculptural pieces was totally astonishing. I really enjoyed seeing so many design school principles in effect too. I had some outrageous projects in college and many of those in Lifelike were like really finely tuned versions of art school conceptual work. Love it. Highly recommend this exhibit!

The NOMA also has an extensive glass collection, and I immediately spotted the Chihuly’s. Hard to miss!

noma chihuly

We took a stroll around the building at City Park afterward and I saw my first black swan. Neat! But I kept a safe distance – residuals of a childhood filled with nasty, pinching geese.noma city park

And now I settle into Apartment Therapy and Young House Love for some serious DIY home makeover inspiration and planning. Our awesome needs some serious attention and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty.

Lots to Look Forward to!

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I have secured some borrowed internet from the cozy, delicious and vegan-friendly Z’otz cafe on Oak Street and I thought I would take a few minutes to post a bit about the exhibits I want to check out shortly. P.S. I’m pretty sure the locals can spot a yankee from a mile away – I’m the only one outside thinking this weather is warm!

In addition to the NOMA “Lifelike” exhibit I want to see (opening on the 11th), the Ogden Museum of Southern Art has a few exhibits I would like to check out. They have photographs by Shelby Lee Adams and the surreal, yet vintage, works of Jeff Louviere and Vanessa Brown. I recommend a trip through their kitschy website too. I also plan to get out to the Octavia Art Gallery on Magazine for a peak at all they have to offer.

So far, we’ve been unpacking and cleaning and getting situated in our new digs, bugging Cox for some interwebs and figuring out where to hang my extensive poster collection. My main squeeze has had a couple of trumpet gigs and is looking at some other new bands which is super exciting. This weekend will be our first weekend where we can afford some time to hear music, see art and enjoy it not being 45 degrees and I cannot wait!

For those of you wondering, these guys are not hating their new home:

In addition to my awesome freelance gigs and some exciting freelance projects (keep your eyes peeled for an online shop very soon!!!) I will be starting part time doing design and marketing for a super awesome eco-friendly shop here in town. I love working with folks who are tightly aligned with my own greenie philosophies. I’m really excited to share the shop with you next week! The neighborhood does not suck to look at:

View from First and Magazine

In unrelated news, coffee shops are funny places. I’ve never been a coffee shop kind of girl – I’m a ruthless get-in-and-get-out coffee buyer and I really love local beans and my cute green french press at home. But a loud guy has joined me outside on his phone and now I know all about how he is dating his friend’s ex girlfriend and he got a nosering. He is “quite the Don Juan right now” – according to him. I would bet his friend does not think so.

On that note, I’m out to hear some music with my man!

Super Big News from the Fried Green Blog

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Hello! I have a big big announcement – the Fried Green Blog will be relocating to my favorite place on the planet: New Orleans! At the end of the month, the Fried Green Husband and I will be making the 1,011 mile drive to the Crescent City and setting up shop on the West Bank. We are stoked! Completely stoked.

We will be super sad to say goodbye to our friends, family and colleagues here in Virginia, but I imagine we’ll have no shortage of visitors! It will be super exciting for me to move down south and make new friends, coworkers and clients. Things are looking very promising for me and the hubs, so wish us luck!

Here’s a condensed list of reasons I’m excited to be moving to New Orleans:

1. The NOMA and the Lifelike exhibit coming in November, among many others.

2. Seeing some Rodrigue’s that aren’t Blue Dog:

Image from George Rodrigue website.

3. Ferries. Ferries are neat:

4. Food. And local beer. I can’t even begin to link to just one of each…

5. Mardi gras of course, but also Jazz Fest and a million other festivals I have yet to discover.

6. Climate. New Orleans vs. Richmond (brrr… I will not miss Virginia winter!)

7. Music. Tons of music.

8. Trying something new. Priceless.

Here we go!





Chihuly at VMFA, Frank Gehry in New Orleans

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Exciting news from the VMFA here in Richmond today! The first step of the Chihuly installation is taking place. The Museum posted pictures of the “reeds” portion of the upcoming exhibit being placed in the reflecting pool today on their facebook page.

Image from the VMFA facebook page.

Though the exhibition won’t formally open until the end of October, I’m sure you’ll be able to get a glimpse of this particular piece from the deck or yard. More information on the phenomenal glass pieces created by Dale Chihuly on his website. I cannot wait to see these in person!

Another interesting article I ran into today was this post on Apartment Therapy about Frank Gehry’s recent involvement in the Make It Right home rebuilding venture in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward. Functional? Likely. Helping the aesthetic of the neighborhood? Eh. I’d say that’s open for debate. I think there’s something lovely about the idea of rebuilding in a manner that is visually historically accurate, but then again, I’m all for change. And I do fancy some modern architecture. I love the green/LEED aspect and the trying-to-offer-solutions aspect though. Local New Orleans press on the project at Nola.com in March and July of this year. See more pictures of the rebuilding process on the Make It Right website.

Image via Treehugger © Chad Chenier Photography /courtesy  Make it Right

SFO Art Fun Part 2

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Welcome back for Part 2 of my San Francisco artventures. I finally encountered one of the reclaimed parking lot spaces I’ve been reading about on Untapped Cities. I love a good parklet. This was a particularly adorable “porch” for a restaurant in the Haight.

Also in the Haight, I found one of my secret crushes – odd bathroom graffiti. Yep, that’s my pink camera strap. I’m totally professional.

But seriously, I did make it to the SFMOMA to see some of the highlights I’d been hoping to catch. First up, the Parra piece was awesome. It’s huge and bold and strategically placed. Worth a visit for sure. I wish there has been more Parra pieces to see!

I stopped into the Paul Klee/Josef Albers comparative exhibit. The museum tried to explain and showcase the similarities in the focus of these seemingly unrelated artists. It was kind of a cool concept, for sure. And the pieces were great.

I got the chance to go to Alcatraz for the first time this go-around, and one of my favorite parts (besides the creepy fog and birds all over the island) was the room with old movie posters near the gift shop.

The middle, sort of orange block poster is one of my favorites ever – thank you Saul Bass.

And lastly, on a mostly related note, we visited a fantastic winery called Artesa in the Napa Valley. Not only did they have great wine (available for retail in a lot of states) but they also had an incredible spread of land overlooking the Valley and incorporating some unique architectural, water and sculptural elements. I also got to spend some quality time with our fabulous hosts from Modern Commissary. Thanks guys, y’all are amazing tour guides!


SFO Art Fun Part 1

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I’ve made it back from the beautiful weather on the West Coast, and though I really enjoyed the cooler temps, I am thrilled to see humidity again. Is that weird? I don’t care, I love it. Anyway, this is not a post about the weather.

I did have an opportunity to get to see a lot of the fabulous art I had hoped to see while I was in San Francisco, but that will be for Part 2. I had a few art surprises that I’d like to share first. My cohort, Em2, and I met up with some of my East Coast ex-pat friends for phenomenal tacos at Tacolicious in the Mission. Somewhere between the BART and the restaurant, we happened upon an alley (Clarion Alley) full of amazing street art. In doing a bit of digging, there’s a little info on the history of this space at Wikipedia. Turns out this is the Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP) which, in short, is a collaborative mural project among a community of artists with positive messages and bohemian vibes. I found a bit more info here. And a few more of my pics are here.

Last Wednesday I set out the SFMOMA only to find that they are closed on Wednesdays. So I took a different street back to the hotel and chanced upon an incredible photo exhibit at the Catharine Clark Gallery on Minna Street. They were showing pieces by Ellen Kooi. I love the scale and the sort of muted, yet brilliant colors of her work. The images are both peaceful and a bit jarring in a really intense way.

Image from Ellen Kooi website.

Through mid-August, the SFMOMA will be hosting the 7 Ans de “Moirage” – a play on words combining “7 years of marriage” with the technique called “moire.” These pieces can be seen on the garage windows on Minna and Natoma streets. The pieces are a collaboration of artist/partners Claire Pasquier and Ian Padgham. A little more info and some pics at the SFMOMA blog. Sorry team, I failed to grab a pic of this one! Stay tuned for San Francisco artventures, Part 2. Yep, artventures. I totally went there.