What Now for the Not-so-Alternative, Alternative Couple?

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The other day I received word from one of my favorite wedding inspiration blogs that I probably shouldn’t advertise with them because my style of wedding design isn’t quite “aligned” with what their readership is looking for. I love this broad generalization, because I patronized their website when I was getting married! Regardless, it was a nice way of saying “thanks, but no thanks.” While I appreciate their candor and also the fact that they aren’t taking money from me while secretly knowing it would result in zero return on my investment, the correspondence has me thinking:

Where do the non-traditional couples, who aren’t quite “alternative” fit on the wedding spectrum?

I like to think I can create something for any type of bride or groom. I have had clients in most of the 50 states and a few areas of Europe. My pieces range from “southern” and sophisticated to totally loud, mish-mashes of themes. What I love most about my happy couples is that every single one of them comes away with a completely unique product! Weddings are about expressing how the couple feels about one another and creating an inviting space for the guests. A lot of the blogs out there today make couples feel like they have to fit into a mold in order to have the picture-perfect wedding that could be featured in a magazine. This is not true! There is a lot to be gleaned from the traditional, on-trend wedding blogs out there, but it’s easy to let them sway you into thinking you must pay a million dollars for your wedding to look like what is popular now.


For the rest of you, paying for your weddings largely yourselves, wanting a unique experience for your friends and family, hoping to be able to have money leftover for the rest of life and working full time jobs that leave little time for DIY days, my hope is that you find something on the Fried Green Blog and in my design that fits your budget and gives you peace of mind in your wedding planning.

I’m speaking to you:

1. You don’t want to go into debt over your wedding, but love high quality details.

2. You want a unique experience that people remember for years to come.

3. You love personalization, but aren’t necessarily design-y or crafty on your own.

4. You aren’t in this for the cookie-cutter aspect of having a wedding.

It’s important to remember that your wedding stationery (among everything else!) reflects you and your future spouse, not trends, blogs or what’s popular on Pinterest. There’s a large, beautiful area between the wedding extremes (the space between comic book themes and misty-lacy-vintage) and I feel like that’s the area where most of us fit. It’s an area that is affordable, expressive, fun and approachable with fewer couple-disputes over what the big day looks like and costs. It’s a place for the non-alternative, alternative couples. Maybe you call it “non-traditional” or “modern.” You know who you are.

The internet can be an overwhelming place where you begin to feel obligated to conform to the trends, but I can attest that some of the happiest brides and grooms I have worked with have been the ones that bucked the trends and created an experience that was all their own. Forget what you’ve been told and head down the aisle in your own special way! You’ll thank me, your future spouse will thank me and you’ll have people talking about how special and memorable your wedding was for years to come.



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