New T-Shirt Design for Storyville Contest!


Hi everyone! I’ve submitted another design for a Storyville Apparel contest that I hope is a winner! I would truly appreciate your votes! If you have time (and like it!), click through here or click the picture below and then hit the facebook “like” button on the Storyville website next to my design.

second line rain or shine

Here’s a little information about the umbrellas and what they have to do with music: they are traditionally carried at jazz funerals and second line parades in New Orleans – historically for sun shade, but also as incredibly decorative festival symbols. Second line parades are impromptu musical processions (though many are now planned on Sundays around town) where marching brass bands meet in the streets and neighborhood folks follow them, dancing. It’s a sight to be seen and super fun. I recommend YouTube-ing “second line New Orleans”and checking it out. This blog is also very informative. If you’re in New Orleans, keep your eyes peeled for a brass band coming down the street and don’t be afraid to follow!


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