Banksy Hunting and St. Joseph’s Night in New Orleans

fine arts, guerilla art







This past Tuesday I sweet-talked my honey into going on an adventure to scout out some Mardi Gras Indians masking for St. Joseph’s day, a long standing tradition in New Orleans. We set out too early, evidently, and instead encountered some local Banksy pieces from a few years back. The ones we found were covered in plexi so they don’t get painted over. I’d like to find more of them if they are still around, and I’ll of course share if I do!


We made one last sweep through a neighborhood that promised to have Indian sightings, and we were right on time! The Indians spend all year working on their amazing costumes and have mock battles in the streets. The fanfare and traditional songs were easy to get caught up in. It was a beautiful night!






More St. Joseph’s Night pictures on my flickr. I’m by no means a Mardi Gras Indian historian, so please check out these other sources for the details on this amazing Indian culture!



Louisiana Folk Life



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