Thoughts and Inspiration for the New Year

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This year has been crazy exciting for the Fried Green Family. We are settling in swimmingly in our new digs and our animals are loving this climate. The office is almost complete and the best news of all is that the great state of Louisiana has granted me permission to make Fried Green Design official! I got my papers and I’m ready to go! The website and facebook are in the works – products to come shortly – and big entrepreneurial things are on the horizon. 2012 was good to me, but I cannot wait for 2013! Look for all kinds of posters and thoughtfully designed stuff for your home in addition to affordable wedding invitations, print collateral and all kinds of announcement options. This will all be on top of the custom freelance work I already do. I’m so happy to finally be moving forward with so many things that have been in the works for so long!

All these new things have gotten me thinking:


It’s time to be the change you seek. I found a great article today on twitter with 6 reasons to quit your job and follow your passions. I can’t believe I’m one of those people who quit their job now, but I’m so happy. And of course:


You can only go up from here. I took both of those pictures on a short drive today and it’s like the universe is speaking to me. I also won three prizes in the last two weeks. I have no idea what I did to get on karma’s good side, but I hope I keep doing it!

And if those photos aren’t good enough for you to feel inspired in life and make you want to do something great, here’s a picture of a 75-degree Christmas Eve on the Mississippi. Coming from Virginia (where they got three inches of snow the same day) I had no idea it could be like this:


With the new year almost upon us, I’m thinking of taking on one of those 365 projects – like design something every day, take a picture a day, pet your cat once a day and document it. I feel like this would be good discipline for me and probably a good creative outlet that won’t necessarily have anything to do with work. If any of you has a suggestion or some feedback on this idea, I’d love to hear it!

I just want to give a shout out to a logo I pass almost every day on my way to/from ZukaBaby. Brigade coffee truck has a lovely, simple logo that I find totally inspiring. Stick it on that cute little truck, and the brigade theme is complete. After fighting with simple code and web stuff over the last couple of days, I really appreciate their super simple website landing page too. I love it.


And lastly, I want to document the Frostop before it’s not there anymore. I don’t know that it’s going anywhere, but it’s right down the street from my house and seems like something that could be there one day and bulldozed the next. I love it too.


Happy New Year y’all!


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