Lifelike at NOMA Scores Design Nerd Points

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Now that we’re settling in a bit here in New Orleans, I’m feeling a little less lazy and more like I want to get the house in gear and see all the sights around town. This week, my man and I took advantage of the NOMA free Wednesdays.


Having never been there before, I was excited to see the space and the permanent items as well as the Lifelike exhibit on show right now.

noma lifelike

noma lifelike exhibit

The museum is lovely and the grounds are beautiful. Lifelike was not what I expected but in a very pleasing way. There were more photographic, video and 2D pieces than I had anticipated – which were really cool. Not too many readymades, but the craftsmanship in the sculptural pieces was totally astonishing. I really enjoyed seeing so many design school principles in effect too. I had some outrageous projects in college and many of those in Lifelike were like really finely tuned versions of art school conceptual work. Love it. Highly recommend this exhibit!

The NOMA also has an extensive glass collection, and I immediately spotted the Chihuly’s. Hard to miss!

noma chihuly

We took a stroll around the building at City Park afterward and I saw my first black swan. Neat! But I kept a safe distance – residuals of a childhood filled with nasty, pinching geese.noma city park

And now I settle into Apartment Therapy and Young House Love for some serious DIY home makeover inspiration and planning. Our awesome needs some serious attention and I can’t wait to get my hands dirty.


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