Save the Empire!

design, non-profit, poster

Big news, y’all. We are finally back in the land of the internetz. I am crazy excited. First order of business: watch too much Netflix. Second order of business: tell you guys about an awesome Superstorm Sandy fundraiser.

Image from Print Aid NYC by Cole Nielsen

A group of NYC artists came together to create Print Aid NYC to help raise money for the City’s relief fund in the wake of the devastating storm. There are some incredible posters for great prices (all $30). I see a bunch of holiday presents in this bunch. Check it out and help out a great cause, but do it soon! These are only available in limited quantities until December 2!

Read up a bit about the project in HOW Magazine and be sure to check out the extra bit about socially conscious design at the bottom. I had an opportunity to take a class with Noah Scalin in college, and the idea of design as a medium to (on the most basic level) promote good, and take a stand against bad has really stuck with me over the years. Being conscious of who I work for, why and to what end result is something I keep in mind with all my clients – not to mention keeping the same principles in mind in all areas of my life!


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