Vintage Finds and Falling in Love With a Brand

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My brain is all over the place today! I’m in the middle of a proposal at the day job, finished up some exhibit panels for a freelance client this week, working on finishing an album cover for a dear friend this weekend and yet all I can think about is home furnishings. I have fancy home furnishings on the mind, for whatever reason, and the lovely travel-inspired posts from Modern Commissary just keep pouring in. That, and Heath Ceramics just sent me something about free shipping this coming weekend/week… ugh.

If I had it my way (and had a million dollars), I would be busy making my house even more lovely than it already is, instead of working all the time. It has a lot of classic 1940s Cape Cod charm and original floors and bathroom tile. Every house in my neighborhood looks the same  on the outside, but has a little surprise on the inside – did you get the black and white bathroom tile or the pink and maroon? I’m just thrilled we didn’t end up with this:

Yikes. We have very classy black and white.

I love a lot of what I’m seeing people do with vintage fixtures and reclaimed wood these days. Yesterday, I toured New Kent Winery after a meeting with the ladies from SMPS Virginia. The owner has used many many reclaimed and repurposed pieces in the structure that houses the winery. Evidently many of the doors came from the Jefferson Hotel when they revamped back in the 1980s. The inside of the brewing room had old train trestles from the old Mayo Bridge (Route 360 in Richmond, VA) in place of rafters. The winery is owned by Taylor Moore and he has another business (E.T. Moore) collecting and reselling reusable pieces from old homes and businesses.

I also cannot get enough of old, run down buildings right now. It’s become a photographic obsession.

I’m completely in love with and inspired by all the textures in the faces of these old buildings. I’m planning on incorporating this feeling into a few upcoming pieces of design work. I can’t wait to see where this takes me.

On a completely unrelated note, I have recently had the opportunity to rent cars through both Enterprise and Avis, and I have to say that Avis truly does “try harder.” I would just like to remind you all about the famous (and amusing) 1962 Avis rebranding and mention that they have definitely stuck to it. Good for them and good for me. I’m a loyal customer now – and as much as I love branding, I’m not usually one to just pick a brand and settle down. Avis really does try harder. Read more about the brand here. I also think it’s pretty incredible that the tagline still lives after 50 years. Happy Brandiversary Avis!


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