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I saw an article yesterday about a fun project that someone is trying to get started in Richmond – PARK(ing) Day! You may recall my previous post about my love of the parklet. Well, PARK(ing) Day is a wide spread event, held September 21 this year, where people put money into a parking meter for whatever time it will allow and then they roll out a mini park in the space instead of putting a car there. More details on the PARK(ing) Day website and some history about the event. I think this sounds amazingly fun and it’s not something we’ve seen yet in Richmond (or many other cities I frequent).

Image of the original parklet from PARK(ing) Day website.

In other news from the internetz, what is up with the Chinese ghost towns? This is so creepy and confusing to me. Working in infrastructure in the US makes me ask all kinds of questions about who thought that building new “cities” 2 hours from existing cities and not connecting them with any kind of mass transportation was a good idea? China doesn’t have as many cars as the US. And who is the target consumer for these spaces? China, though economically miles ahead of many many other developed countries still has an extremely large poor population. Hearing that they have a surplus of these high-end apartments and retails spaces is truly disturbing.

On a lighter note, here are some wonderfully minimalistic print ads for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Image from Bored Panda.

Lastly, I just want to say that I’m thrilled not to have to see that hideous London Olympics logo anymore. I’m looking forward to the breath of fresh air and good taste that is the Rio logo.

It  makes sense without being too literal, the colors are lovely and there’s something really unique about it.
Seriously, what happened London? Was that the only design bid you received?

Image from the Guardian.

London’s 2012 logo was designed by the firm Wolff Olins, and I suppose it was supposed to be avant garde and edgy or something. It’s looking a little dated already, to me.

Rio has enlisted the firm Tatil Design from Brazil to design the logo for the 2016 games. I don’t speak or read Portuguese, but what I can pick out from their site has something to do with using the human figure as inspiration for a logo that would recreate well in 3D. Way to keep it classy, Brazil.


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