Chihuly at VMFA, Frank Gehry in New Orleans

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Exciting news from the VMFA here in Richmond today! The first step of the Chihuly installation is taking place. The Museum posted pictures of the “reeds” portion of the upcoming exhibit being placed in the reflecting pool today on their facebook page.

Image from the VMFA facebook page.

Though the exhibition won’t formally open until the end of October, I’m sure you’ll be able to get a glimpse of this particular piece from the deck or yard. More information on the phenomenal glass pieces created by Dale Chihuly on his website. I cannot wait to see these in person!

Another interesting article I ran into today was this post on Apartment Therapy about Frank Gehry’s recent involvement in the Make It Right home rebuilding venture in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward. Functional? Likely. Helping the aesthetic of the neighborhood? Eh. I’d say that’s open for debate. I think there’s something lovely about the idea of rebuilding in a manner that is visually historically accurate, but then again, I’m all for change. And I do fancy some modern architecture. I love the green/LEED aspect and the trying-to-offer-solutions aspect though. Local New Orleans press on the project at in March and July of this year. See more pictures of the rebuilding process on the Make It Right website.

Image via Treehugger © Chad Chenier Photography /courtesy  Make it Right


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