Friday Night Lights

design, exhibitions, guerilla art, outdoor art

Last week my mom went with family up to the beach in Delaware and she was thinking about making a road trip out to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. She didn’t end up making it out there, but I decided to google it since I’d never heard of it before. She was gushing about all the amazing trails and gardens on the expansive property, but turns out there’s also an amazing Bruce Munro light installation and sculptures on the grounds through the end of September. Munro is a UK-based artist specializing in light and relfection-based sculpture and installation and he’s also an exceptionally talented lighting designer. I might need to plan a little road trip soon…

Image from Bruce Munro website (photo credit Mark Pickthall)

Since we’re talking light installations anyway, I’d recommend checking out Ingo Maurer, from Germany, who does a lot of corporate work with a large side of art. Also check out Yochai Matos, from Israel, who merges street art with modern lighting installations. I love his message, but I think I might like his street art concepts just a little bit more than the lighting installations. I would love to run into a pair of wings for a photo op.



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