Design Tweets and Tape Art

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I just read/watched a little bite on Huffington Post about 10 Design Tweeters you should be following, if Twitter is your thing. I love Twitter, but even more than Twitter, I love Hootsuite so I can filter the 600 or so folks I follow and also find new gems to watch. Filters are your friends. But anyway, I recommend about 8 of the Tweeters that HuffPo recommends. Two of them get a little overzealous for my taste. I like my design with a hint of sarcasm and a fair dose of reality.

While I was on the HuffPo reading a few articles about design this morning, I saw one about these Slovenian artists creating large tape murals. The pieces are pretty simple, but bold and graphic and modern. There’s definitely something there. I’d like to see this Christo-style, taping up the Empire State Building or the Washington Monument. I’d like to see it go guerilla too, waking up to find that someone has taped my house. Or created with some sort of biodegradable tape that wears off over time to reveal an evolution of the art. Check out the Multipraktik Collective for more info.

Image from Multipraktik vimeo site.

And since I’m on the subject of pseudo-street art, I thought I’d share this almost-nothing video from the Nola Defender featuring none other than the Gray Ghost. The GG is (in)famous for vigilantly painting over and cleaning up graffiti (and “graffiti”) in New Orleans. There’s some question as to whether the GG, his task force and his signature buckets of gray paint have been helping the problem or adding to it in a new way.  He was even spoofed by Banksy a couple years ago. But yeah, the video. I’m not sure why I’m sharing it, but I thought it was an interesting tid bit for some reason!


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