Fantastic Photography at Candela on Broad

exhibitions, fine arts, galleries, photography

This past Sunday I went with some friends to Broad Appetit, which was a super fun foodie experience. One friend and I slipped into Candela Books for their juried gallery show titled Unbound! which was a fabulous photography collection of local and national artists. I recommend running down to Broad Street to check it out if you’re local to Richmond or passing through. But if you can’t get there in person, definitely check out the list of artists on Candela’s webpage. I wish they had links to everyone’s personal sites, but I’ll post a couple links to my favorites below. Enjoy!
Dick Blau

Photo from Dick Blau’s website.
Joni Sternbach

Photo from Joni Sternbach’s website.
Kristin Skees cozy series.

Photo from Kristin Skees website.
There were so many photographs that I loved. Please check out and support these fabulous artists. Full list here.


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