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Hello blog friends, and thank you for your patience during this very busy time in my life. There are exciting things happening all around me. Most notably, my previous post about TEDxHullStreet here in Richmond actually opened a whole new world of TEDx for me. Turns out, a lot of the big thinkers and doers around town have been secretly planning a bigger, badder and more adventurous TEDxRVA event and I have had the pleasure of hooking up with them and becoming part of their endeavor. So, TEDxHullStreet will shortly be defunct and I hope to get my planned and potential speakers involved with this even more exciting TEDxRVA. More details to come!

Beyond the TED world, I’ve been crazily trying to keep up with my proposal load at the day job, which has led me to explore other options for going about designing an interesting and unique approach to the average government form proposal. I’m super jealous of the creative approach the private sector accepts for proposals – and really, architects get to have all the fun. At my job, we have very little room for inspiration, and I would love to share some gems with you, but the internet turns up nothing for creative proposals. Nothing! So why shouldn’t we search outside the box for inspiration?

Livestrong Annual Report

I love the tabs on the Livestrong, very text-heavy document. And the bright splashes of their signature color.

Target Annual Report

Loving Target’s use of bright and easy to consume infographics. I hate, hate, hate a needlessly complicated infographic. I hope that fad goes away quickly.

Volkswagen Vision Publication

VW did a great job integrating modern graphics with throwback typography.

GAP Annual Report

GAP succeeded in getting the important info across without overwhelming the user/reader with too much information. Not overwhelming the user is definitely something to strive for in the proposal world.

There are tons more examples out there to take inspiration from. I’m looking forward to a bit of a revamp on our proposal this time around!

In unrelated news, I’m on dribbble now! Follow me!


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