TEDx coming to Richmond and Other Odds and Ends

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Hello team,

So, things have been totally busy at the day job, totally busy on the freelance front, and since I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ve applied for and received a TEDx license to hold an event here in the good ole RVA. Very exciting indeed! It will be TEDxHullStreet (@tedxhullstreet), to be held in the fall at Plant Zero. I’m busily gathering all sorts of presenters on design and art, roots media, community involvement, music, branding, sustainable food, urban agriculture and other topics. Richmond has so many great, out-of-the-proverbial-box things happening right now that can make a difference on a much larger scale if we can just spread the ideas. I’m really excited about this project and cannot wait to give you all updates.


In other news, as a follow up to my previous post about New Orleans’ Music Box, I’ve heard that there are now sound clips on the Dithyrambalina blog if you want to check them out. They recently held a benefit show at the Music Box, and let me tell you, it did not sound like that when I played the instruments. Beautiful.

Also, I went down to the RVA Food Cart Derby yesterday with a good friend from work and she told me about this cool project in Detroit, called the Heidelberg Project. Maybe I’m a little late to the game, but this was news to me and I find it to be fascinating. Similar in theory to the Music Box, this project creates something new and beautiful out of blighted homes and it involves the community in a new, inspirational, innovative way.

Happy Monday folks!


3 thoughts on “TEDx coming to Richmond and Other Odds and Ends

  1. Very cool!
    Thank you for bringing this together for Richmond.
    Please be in touch if you need/want volunteer assistance (from extra hands on event day to committee work.)
    CJ Gibbs

  2. How might I be in touch with you or your fellow TedxRVA planners regarding the event timing? I’d like to ensure I don’t plan a Science Pub RVA events during TEDx and perhaps plan something that compliments the conversation your work will generate.

    With keen interest and best Regards,

    1. Hello CJ! please watch out for TEDxBroadStreet online. we have a website up and coming and should have the official date nailed down this week. Once the website is up (i will surely post about it when that happens) you will have all the details and contact info at hand. I’ll keep you in the loop on this blog for the time being. thanks for the inquiry!

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