New Orleans Street Art Fun

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I’m back, fresh off the heels of an amazing trip to Jazz Fest with a great friend and some brand new friends. We stayed at a historic bed and breakfast on Algiers Point and I spent two days surrounded by the diverse and incredible sounds of the musicians and artists at Jazz Fest. The other days, I spent wandering around town, having cocktails, eating delicious food, bumping into brass bands on the street and finding hidden art treasures. I found these guys on Magazine Street. Love. Anyone know the artist?

Friday, I headed over to the Bywater area of New Orleans to see the musical/art/architectural installation called the Music Box, a Shantytown Sound Laboratory. This temporary installation is the precursor to a permanent sound house that will be called Dithyrambalina. The project is a collaborative effort between the street artist called Swoon and New Orleans Airlift. Swoon is a Brooklyn-based artist specializing in images and pastes of people, all over the world. The New Orleans Airlift strives to bring innovative and exciting art adventures to New Orleans. If you can get down to New Orleans before the installation closes at the beginning of June, I highly recommend it. However, the permanent installation shouldn’t be too far behind.

The installation is a collection of found objects from Katrina refuse and other odds and ends around the City. The objects have been assembled into structures that serve as a series of housing for musical instruments of various shapes and forms. Basically, each structure is in itself a piece of musical equipment, and each structure/instrument can be operated on an individual basis or they can act together as an ensemble. The pieces were clever, fascinating and beyond innovative. I don’t even know what to say about it other than that. It’s truly an experience that cannot be described. Though I got to play many of the instruments and see/hear some of them demonstrated, I only wish I could have heard one of the performances that have been held there. I would have loved to have heard what a full house could do. Enjoy some photos below and more on flickr.


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