RVA Street Art Festival Update

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Greetings from Richmond, Virginia, the current center of the street art world. We’ve passed the halfway point for the RVA Street Art Festival, a City-sanctioned event, organized by Venture Richmond and ultimately the brainchild of Ed Trask (@edtrask) and Jon Baliles (@jonbaliles). From what I can tell, perfect weather paired with the artistic heavy-hitters involved has made for a very successful event. Scott and I went by about an hour after things were gearing up today and it was already beginning to look like a packed house.

The bulk of the event is not in fact taking place on any streets, but inside an abandoned power plant downtown near 10th and Byrd Streets. A few pre-printed, large format banners (some have called them canvases) have been placed along our flood wall as well. But the building is where the live painting is taking place.

A full list of artists is here, but I have some photos below. As usual, the rest of the photos are on flickr.

From left, a yarn bomb, Richard Colman (working on the lift), Art 180 kids (blue mural) and a clip of Bill Pickett’s work on the far right.

Susann Whittier’s chair of chairs on top of Bill Pickett’s Richmond work and far left is Richard Colman.

El Kamino

Chris Milk, who I understand designed this and then had local volunteers from two local law firms paint it for him.

Mark Jenkins target at left, Vizie and Dalek joint work in center and Pose at right.

Hense there in the middle.

Jeff Soto at left, Hamilton Glass at right (HAM)

Mickael Broth

I am told that Ed Trask designed this and had the local volunteers/lawyers paint it for him. This is the only one being applied directly to the flood wall, allegedly because the paints the other folks are using may or may not be corrosive.

Pre-printed works being hung along the floodwall. I couldn’t see where these were labeled by artist, so if you know, please tell me!

And a few blocks downstream, RRobots (Nick Kuszyk) painted the backside of a local club.

More tomorrow!


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