G40 Murals, Locations and Upcoming RVA Street Fest

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One more G40 update for today – I missed one mural, pictured below. The rest of my pics are on flickr. This weekend, a separate but related project will be going on in Richmond – the first RVA Street Art Festival. Several artists will be painting big sections of our city’s flood wall, accompanied by a market, food,  beer, wine and other festivities from Friday through Sunday. Things kick off Thursday night with an artist’s forum at the VMFA, where the muralists will hold a panel discussion and Q&A session (register here – it’s free, but ticketed). Come on out for one or more of the events, people! The weather should be great!

Scribe at 140 W Clay Street, Abner Clay Park

So your full list of murals is as follows:

17th Street between E Main and E Cary, east side of the block
2043 W Broad Street (the Empress)
414 W Broad Street (the Lewis Parker Studio)

Pixel Pancho:
1821 E Main Street
112 N 18th Street (next to Tiki Bob’s)
1202 N Hull Street, Manchester District
9 W Grace Street (behind the YMCA)

Angry Woebots:
110 N 18th Street (Tiki Bob’s)
311 W Broad Street (Quirk Gallery)

La Pandilla:
17 W Marshall Street, Jackson Ward

Never 2501:
927 W Grace Street (Plaza Art)
11 S 18th Street (Have a Nice Day Cafe) (x2!)

315 W Broad Street (near Quirk Gallery)
140 W Clay Street (Abner Clay Park)

309 N Laurel Street (Nile Ethiopian Restaurant)
212 W Broad Street
2400 W Main Street

1501 W Main Street (Bellytimber Tavern)
11 S 18th Street (Have a Nice Day Cafe)

1506 W Main Street
117 N 17th Street (Farmer’s Market)

11 W Grace Street (YMCA Parking Lot)


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