April 7 G40 Art Summit Mural Pics and Locations

design, fine arts, guerilla art, painting

Went and took some pics today of the progress on the G40 Art Summit murals and thought you guys might appreciate a formal list of the locations if you’re thinking about going to find them in person. Pics first, full list second…

Never 2501 at 927 W Grace

La Pandilla at 17 W Marshall

Angry Woebots at 110 N 18th St

Pixel Pancho at 1821 E Main

Lelo on the east side of 17th between E Main and E Cary

More pics of these and all the others on flickr.


So locations – this is accurate as of today. I’ll post more as I find them, but I believe that these are all either finished or in production today.

17th Street between E Main and E Cary, east side of the block
2043 W Broad Street (the Empress)
414 W Broad Street (the Lewis Parker Studio)

Pixel Pancho:
1821 E Main Street
112 N 18th Street (next to Tiki Bob’s)
1202 N Hull Street, Manchester District
9 W Grace Street (behind the YMCA)

Angry Woebots:
110 N 18th Street (Tiki Bob’s)
311 W Broad Street (Quirk Gallery)

La Pandilla:
17 W Marshall Street, Jackson Ward

Never 2501:
927 W Grace Street (Plaza Art)
11 S 18th Street (Have a Nice Day Cafe)

315 W Broad Street (near Quirk Gallery)

309 N Laurel Street (Nile Ethiopian Restaurant)
212 W Broad Street

1501 W Main Street (Bellytimber Tavern)
11 S 18th Street (Have a Nice Day Cafe)

1506 W Main Street
117 N 17th Street (Farmer’s Market)

11 W Grace Street (YMCA Parking Lot)



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