All Your Blank Walls Are Belong to Us

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The amazing G40 Art Summit mural project now has me looking at all huge, blank, outdoor surfaces as potential canvases. Much like the surface for Pixel Pancho’s Manchester district painting, the area is full of row buildings where some of the buildings have disappeared, leaving many many flat, grey, windowless surfaces, 3-4 floors high. Should there be a mural project Part 2 in Richmond’s future? Art Whino’s website says there are more coming over the next year. I’ll be excited to see what happens and where the art pops up.

Tonight, among the regular happenings of Richmond’s First Friday Art Walk, the G40-related Weapons of Mass Change and other works will be on exhibit at several galleries around town. Go see some art, people.

Mural pics over the last two days:

La Pandilla at 17 W Marshall

2501 at Plaza Art, 927 W Grace

Lelo (this photo doesn’t do the Holy Hugeness of this painting justice), 17th Street between Main and Cary in Shockoe Bottom

Angry Woebots, 110 N 18th Street (across the lot from Pixel Pancho at 112 N 18th)

Pixel Pancho at 1821 E Main

More photos at my Flickr.


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