April 4, G40 Art Summit Update

design, exhibitions, fine arts, guerilla art, painting

Today I realized that I really spend too much time hanging around my neighborhood. The G40 Art Summit has really made me realize how little I leave my regular spots – it’s been really great being kind of a tourist in my own town. There are so many new places on Broad Street that I had no idea existed. I see a lot more First Friday art nights in my future.

Big thanks to RVA Magazine and Art Whino for getting this amazing project off the ground.

Pixel Pancho getting started at 1821 E Main (across the lot from 2501 and ROA)

New addition to the 2501 piece at 11 S 18th

Jaz at 309 N Laurel, Nile Ethiopian restaurant

Angry Woebots at 311 W Broad

Scribe, 315 W Broad (across the alley from Angry Woebots)

La Pandilla at 17 W Marshall – the detail on these is totally amazing.

More pics on my flickr.


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