G40 Art Update and a Couple Odds and Ends

design, exhibitions, guerilla art, painting, photography

Your G40 update is here. The murals are basically all in production, or wrapped, now. I cannot confirm, but there might be one or two more that haven’t been started? Hopefully I’m wrong and there are 30 more coming, including one on the side of my house. Either way, photo update below, with further photos and links to the artists at my flickr.

As far as I can tell, general public interest has been pretty moderate, and public outrage has been quiet – so far. The decision-makers around Richmond (including the money folks) don’t always love new things. Or things they didn’t ask for and have to see all the time (See: yet unresolved Art 180 issue). so they’re either busy forming positive opinions, or they’re busy writing their local representatives. Only time will tell, but let’s hope for the former. The  younger, artsier set is stoked. I think the folks who love creativity, artistic inspiration and moving forward in the City are starting to outnumber those who don’t.

In unrelated news, I’m in love with the Massimo Vitali beach prints on sale at fab.com today. Vitali is quoted as saying that he captures “a sanitized, complacent view of Italian normalities.” The photos were taken in response to major political changes in Italy, and they comment on the mask that people wear in public. Way out of my price range, but those photos are rad.

In news semi-related to my unrelated news, my Oakland family over at Modern Commissary is on the closing day of their fab.com sale. Go buy vintage furniture!

Okay, today’s G40 pics here:

ROA finished up and 2501 still working at 11 S 18th Street in the Bottom

Aryz finished up at 1506 W Main

La Pandilla in progress at 17 W Marshall in Jackson Ward

Angry Woebots at Quirk, 311 W Broad


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