RVA Street Murals and G40 Project Update

design, exhibitions, guerilla art, painting

I took some more pics today, and yesterday, of the G40 mural progress around town. More pics on flickr (with links to artist info).

Aryz at 1506 W Main, Friday March 30

Aryz, 1506 W Main, March 31

2501 at Plaza Art, 927 W Grace, March 30

La Pandilla, 17 W Marshall, March 30

Angry Woebots, Quirk Gallery at 311 W Broad, March 31

Jaz, Nile Ethiopian between Broad and Grace on Laurel, March 31

ROA on the back and 2501 on the side of Have a Nice Day Cafe, 11 S 18th, March 31

Any other Richmonders not sorry to see that hideous drippy smiley replaced by something much more unique?

Thanks for following along, friends. I’ll be back to regular design talk after my obsession with this project wears off!


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