Think About Nothing, Think About Something

design inspiration

Yesterday I read this article on NPR about the infamous 1953 erasing of a de Kooning by a, then, very green Robert Rauschenberg. It got me thinking about my own work, and there being two ways to think about Nothing or, at least, our perception of Nothing. When you have a big blank spot on a printed/web piece, people call this “negative space,” not Nothing. And if you have a pause between two notes in a song, people call this a “breath” or a “rest.” In typography, the space inside the letters (like “O” and “d”) is called a “counter.” In any case, the full comprehension and acceptance of Nothing is integral to the life of the piece. Just my two cents for the day. The Nothing doesn’t have to be an afterthought. I’m going to be acknowledging the Nothing to try to design Something tonight.


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