Salvation Mountain

fine arts, guerilla art, painting

Image from the Salvation Mountain website.

I just caught an episode of No Reservations where they go to the US desert of California, and I had to post this crazy thing that I had no idea existed. Am I the last person to hear about Salvation Mountain? Did you all know about this? What a strange and interesting piece of guerilla art. A curious homage to Christianity created by Leonard Knight, covering a mostly man-made mountain in paint. I have a strange love for Dia de los Muertos figures and ostentatious Mexican graveyards, lingering from a trip to Mexico in my mid-teens, but this mountain is like those two genres combined with a Christian drag show. Amazing. I must see this in person one day. I’m not going to repost anyone’s flickr pics, but you can find a bunch here. A true testament to one man’s religious faith and a fascinating piece of public art.


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