Mary Chiaramonte Paintings Show

fine arts, painting

Tonight, I went with a couple of friends to an opening at the Eric Schindler Gallery for the gifted Virginia painter Mary Chiaramonte.

I love Mary’s paintings, specifically because of her use of light and dark. They’re almost neutral or duotone, often, and I think there’s something really lovely and stark about that. I feel like you’re forced to concentrate on the emotion of the subject rather than decipher the message through too much color. Dustin Richardson referenced “southern gothic” which I think really applies. In an overstimulated world, it’s wonderful to concentrate on texture and emotional feeling, for a change. Mary’s paintings are soothing, yet contemplative. Nothing simple about it.

Please check out her website or go see the show. I think we’re going to see greatness from Mary. If you’ve ever wanted to start an art collection, Mary’s pieces would be a great place to start: reasonably priced and destined to be real collector’s pieces.

This particular piece was not in the gallery tonight, but a good friend of mine sat for Mary, and the product was amazing:


Mary had a great turn out tonight, and she’ll be in the gallery until March 10, so check her out!



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