Fun Bits of Graphic Design

design, film art, guerilla art, outdoor art

Nothing too crazy to report over here in cold Virginny today, but I ran into this interesting article about a street artist in the Northeast whose work I’d love to run into. Stephen ESPO Powers is spreading his large-scale messages on the sides of buildings, often phrases overheard from people on the street. I wish Richmond street artists had some artistic integrity, creativity and, well, balls. Read the article on the Huffington Post here.

Photo borrowed from the Huffington Post site. Photo credit Jaime Rojo. Don’t forget to cite your sources friends, or the man will go all SOPA/PIPA on you.

The second thing I wanted to mention is that we saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo a bit ago, and maybe this is old news, but the open credits were totally amazing! YouTube it, if that’s your thing. It’s out there, but in the spirit of anti-piracy I’ll encourage you to go see the film for yourself. 🙂


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