Restaurant Graphic Design, New Orleans Style

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Hey y’all! Back from New Orleans, mostly caught up on work and feeling revived and inspired. I love New Orleans, it is one of my favorite places in the world. And I really love New Orleans food. We had so much good food, but the prize for best graphic design and theme for a restaurant that we visited goes to Butcher, brought to you by the James Beard Award winning gentlemen of Cochon. Not only did I consume the best sandwich (Buckboard bacon sammie. Do it.) ever, but I also fell in love with the charming rustic/industrial mesh of a theme that they carried out through their whole enterprise. I also really want to reproduce the coffee table they have in their waiting area, but that’s another blog for another day.

Butcher label

This is probably not the best representation of their identity system. They had adorable t-shirts, which, when folded and stacked on the shelves, revealed the whole picture of what was on the shirt. They have great, simple labels on sauces for sale, chalkboard menu, the whole rustically modern and simple deal. It’s memorable, homey but leaves the focus on the food. Extra bonus points for keeping the colors and font family similar, but not identical to, the Cochon theme.

Visit the Butcher website for more of a peek here. I think this might be the new look of Southern food on paper (and walls, shirts and the web), but maybe I’ve been blinded by the sandwich. I just love the subtle nod to farms with a hint of industrial modernism. The new South?

Side note, who has a restaurant that needs design work? I have a new goal, which is to win a James Beard Award for restaurant graphic design!


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