Happy 12th Night Y’all!

design, freelance, guerilla art, inspirational people, non-profit

We’re headed down to New Orleans bright and early in the morning! In the spirit of our trip, I wanted to share this article about guerilla doorway art – something that seems to be cropping up here and there, even in Richmond. Although I’m pretty sure the doorway art on West Broad was City-sanctioned and/or commissioned. Regardless… read the quicky article about the anonymous artists at Nola.com.

I have always loved guerilla art, but don’t fancy myself stealthy enough to actually go through the process on my own. I’m pretty sure I’d get busted immediately. C’est la vie. Sidetrack over. New Orleans has been a hub for guerilla art for some time now, but especially since the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, now attracting “big name” guerilla artists. Banksy blew through back in 2008, around the third anniversary of the disaster. More recently, Candy Chang has been community-projecting-it-up around town. I love how all-encompassing the New Orleans experience can be, yet it would be so easy to miss if you hide in the French Quarter the whole time.

Excitedface! More fun and design when we return!


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