Hatch Show Print Exhibit

design, exhibitions, galleries, letterpress, poster, printing

Scott and I went to the opening of the Hatch Show Print exhibit (details in my post here) at the Library of Virginia last night and caught most of the lecture by Jim Sherraden, exhibition curator. Evidently he spent some time with VCU Printmaking students last week and today and they showcased a bit of that work as well. Overall, it was a very worthwhile and informative exhibit. But, I was a little miffed they didn’t have any example of actual set type. They had a lot of hand carved blocks, which were awesome, but the hand set type is a must see for anyone who doesn’t know much about the process. The pieces and posters on display were truly beautiful though. Definitely worth a trip to the LOV.


In other letterpress news, I totally downloaded the LetterMPress app for the ole iPad. Sorry letterpress friends, this is pretty fun for those of us with no real letterpress to play with. I like that they have a real gravity option “just for fun.”



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