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I’ve been thinking a lot about letterpress lately for two reasons. First, I have a potential/soon-to-be client who would really like letterpressed print collateral. Second, I really want letterpressed business cards. Totally selfish. So to my delight, this morning I found on twitter (me: @FrockEmilyM) a link from the fantastic super-resource @RonWorth of @SMPS fame. (SMPS here.) The link had almost nothing to do with letterpress, specifically, but these neat inspector stamps! I want one. I’m working on a little tiny design right now.

image from Cranky Pressman

But the point of this post is letterpress, not tiny kitschy stamps. The Cranky Pressman also has letterpress capabilities. My additional research turned up the options below, which all seem to have an online shopping option, if they are not local to you. I’m going to check out my local one first, but if that comes up way expensive, I’m going to consult the others.

Cranky Pressman, located in Ohio, but seems to be strictly an online operation  (Business cards: 2-color front, $373/250 cards)

Henderson Printing, RVA

The Dandelion Patch, Leesburg, Va (DC metro)

Letterpress, Inc., Somewhere-near-DC, Maryland

Fitzgerald Letterpress, New Orleans

Dependable Letterpress, San Francisco

One Heart Press, San Francisco


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