Art of Poster Design

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I love posters. I’m pretty sure I’ll never grow out of decorating my house with thoughtfully designed posters. From nerdy to beautiful and everything in between, I love to hang them in my house, send them to my friends and family and I love to make them too. I even created our wedding invitations to fold out into a mini music-style poster to reflect my husband’s musician background and how we came to be together. More on alternative wedding invitations in a post very soon.


Music posters are a unique genre of design, known for being both extremely artistic and often avant-garde as well as informative, legible and concise. I have always loved the psychedelic and wildly original works of Peter Max, but he has also done an array of beautiful festival posters with a more handmade feel. I have a really big soft spot for the simplicity and the message of equality and peace in the Woodstock Music Festival poster. (Image below found here.)

A few of my favorite poster dudes at the moment are:

Dan Stiles, who has done a little of everything – Death Cab for Cutie, Atmosphere, Feist, Jack Johnson, seriously, tons of bands. I think what I like best about him is that he carries a very distinct style across all work, but there’s not an overlap between projects, as far as content, color and form. Nothing feels cookie cutter.

I really enjoy the super simple and almost bastardized typography on the beautifully silkscreened posters of Paul Gardner for bands like Modest Mouse.

And one of my favorite poster ladies at the moment is Nikki McClure with her beautiful paper cut prints. We have one in our bathroom and I’ve been known to give her work as gifts.

And my last poster of the moment is the work of Ork Posters who design typographic poster “maps” of cities. These are pretty trendy, but I think they have a bit of a timeless feel as well. They’ve been featured as decor on tv shows recently.

I’m sure I’ll be blogging on posters many times in the future. I would also love to explore the poster format for corporate use in the very near future. Long live the poster!


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