Design For All Wedding Budgets

design, weddings

outsides of potential invitation template

potential invitation template opens to reveal “mini poster”

One of the things that has always bugged me about both lovely and current design AND weddings is the shear cost of it all. Currently, I’m working on several templates for potential wedding/shower/other invitations that won’t break the budget. My thought is that a portion of the design will stay the same from client to client, but a portion will be client-specific. In this case, the humans depicted will be variable – brides and/or grooms can send me a photo from which to create a silhouette specifically for their invitations and other collateral. Colors will be selected either from pre-set color schemes, or based on “wedding colors” if the couple has them. The front quote can change if there’s something special the bride and groom prefer. I want these customizable templates to cut down the excessive cost of wedding invitations, by cutting down the amount of time it takes to make a beautiful piece from scratch. There is no reason the budget-minded couple has to skimp on lovely design! Look for these and others at the Fried Green Design Etsy shop!


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