Fried Green Design – Graphic Design from New Orleans to You!

We are currently celebrating all things Gilmore Girls! Head over to our brand new Fried Green Design Society6 shop to check out the amazing Stars Hollow goods, including Stars Hollow festival and town-themed goods and pieces with our favorite quotes from Rory Gilmore, Lorelai Gilmore and even Emily Gilmore!

Beyond custom branding and graphic design suites for musicians, small businesses and individuals, the Fried Green Etsy Shop is your one stop shop for customizable graphic design pieces, including wedding invitations, baby announcements, thoughtfully designed posters and more! I’m located in New Orleans but regularly work with people all over the US and even internationally. If you have questions about custom graphic design work including logos and branding for small business and individuals, invitations, announcements, wedding printed material, and much more, please email me at emily(at)friedgreendesign(dotcom). I look forward to creating beautiful pieces for you!

Fried Green Design Etsy Shop


One thought on “Fried Green Design – Graphic Design from New Orleans to You!

  1. Emily,

    I am a friend of Jen Heitler’s and I saw that we are both connected to her on Linkedin. I was wondering if there was any chance that I could connect you with a friend that has recently moved to New Orleans and is interested in breaking into graphic design. I think your work is great and I know that she would really benefit from speaking with you. Please let me know!

    Adam Himoff

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